Hijab 12 options

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Freedom understood as a difference that unites and never as a difference that separates

How I started the project «Hijab 12 options»

I could say thousands of reasons that led me to create this project, but there really was only one. One day I wondered how I could create images from the following concept “Freedom understood as a difference that unites”. I didn’t want to find unity in the homogeneous but in the heterogeneous, where there is no unity. Then I realized that a garment as controversial as the hijab was a good starting point.

Freedom understood as a difference that unites and never as a difference that separates

The struggle for freedom and equality has been a fundamental pillar in the lives of women regardless of their cultural or religious origin. Two ways, of the many we can find, to express this freedom are manifested through the choice of clothing; on the one hand Muslim women who choose to wear the hijab and on the other Western and also Muslim women who dress according to their personal preferences.

For Muslim women who choose to wear the hijab, this choice represents an act of self-determination and faith. The hijab can be a symbol of religious identity, empowerment and connection with their beliefs. By choosing to wear it, these women exercise their freedom to decide how they wish to express their religion and values in a diverse world. Their choice to wear the hijab becomes a manifestation of their individuality and convictions, respecting and honoring their heritage and spirituality.

It should be noted that for the above to be true, this freedom must be real and not an obligation exercised by a patriarchy and macho customs disguised as individual choice. Perhaps it is suspicious that in the face of an alleged individual choice, the images we usually see where all women go with this garment.

At the same time, other Western and Muslim women also fight for their right to dress as they want, without restrictions or impositions. For them, clothing is a form of personal expression and a means to affirm their identity. By being able to choose their outfit, these women reaffirm their autonomy and demand respect for their individual choices. This approach respects the diversity of bodies, styles and preferences, and reflects the constant evolution of notions of femininity and fashion in modern society.

The importance of these two forms of freedom lies in mutual respect and tolerance towards personal choices. Women’s liberation does not have a single form or definition but encompasses a wide range of interpretations and perspectives. What is essential is that each woman has the ability to make informed decisions about how she wishes to dress and live her life. The common struggle for gender equality involves backing up and defending the autonomy of all women, regardless of their beliefs or cultural backgrounds.

Ultimately, the common thread that unites Muslim women who choose the hijab and Western and Muslim women who defend their right to dress freely is the shared pursuit of individual freedom and mutual respect. Both fight for a society in which each woman can make decisions based on her own aspirations and values, without feeling coerced by norms imposed from outside. Respecting and celebrating the diversity of personal choices is a crucial step towards a world in which all women can fully live and express themselves.

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